3 Reasons to Choose 6 Month Smiles

Where will you be in six months? That may seem like a long-way away but it goes by in a breeze. Close your eyes and imagine for a moment you had a new smile for 2016.

Does that image seem appealing to you? Then the 6 Month Smile system from Alabama Family Dental in Mobile, AL may be for you.

Six Month Smiles is a revolutionary product designed to cosmetically correct gaps or teeth in your smile, at a much quicker pace and for a lot less expense than traditional metal braces. Using clear brackets, and tooth-colored wires, Six Months Smiles quickly pulls your teeth into alignment. If you’re an adult, or over the age of 16, you could be a candidate for 6 Month Smiles.

Many people choose six month smiles because they are specially designed to minimally interrupt your smile during use. Everyone is aware of how traditional metal braces can appear to others, especially as an adult. Many adults feel traditional braces could make them look immature or inexperienced.

That’s not the case with Six Month Smiles, in fact many wearers tell us that most people don’t even notice that they have braces!

But that’s far from the only reason why patients choose Six Month Smiles. In this month’s blog, we’re going to look at a few more great reasons for you to consider using the 6 Month Smile system to transform your smile.

Reason #1: Six Month Smiles is More Affordable

Traditional metal braces can require not months, but years of visits to the dentist. Six Month Smiles is a quicker process leaving you with more money in your pocket for the fun things in life.

In fact, not only is Six Months Smiles more affordable than traditional braces, it’s also less expensive than many other aligner and straightening systems. Six Month Smiles can put a new you, and a great, new smile, within easy financial reach.

With the money you save, you can go to all sorts of great places to take pictures of your new smile. How about a selfie on Bourbon Street? Or a selfie in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa?

Reason #2: Six Months Smiles is Gentler on Your Teeth and Mouth

Some people have the misconception that because Six Month Smiles is so quick, the wires in the braces must be pulled tighter. This is not the case.

Traditional braces attach to all of your teeth, leading to a pulling sensation. 6 Month Smiles targets only the teeth which have to be realigned. As a result, there’s less pull and force being exerted on your teeth. This means Six Months Smiles a more comfortable and safer alternative to traditional braces.

In addition, traditional metal braces can leave your mouth full of sores as a result of all the metal components rubbing against your mouth. Six Month Smiles are in and out of your mouth in six months, ensuring that any soreness in your mouth is kept to an absolute minimum.

If you want to take the easier, softer way towards a great smile, then Six Month Smiles from Alabama Family Dental could be just what you’re looking for.

Reason #3: Fewer and Quicker Appointments

Traditional metal braces can not only be painful, they also generally involve a long series of tedious appointments, sometimes for years.

With Six Month Smiles, that’s not something you have to worry about. Not only will you have a beautiful smile in just a few months, but you’ll also spend far less time in the dental office. This makes 6 Month Smile an ideal choice for the working man, frantic mom, or business professional.

During your initial consultation, our top-notch team at Alabama Family Dental will determine if you are a candidate for Six Month Smiles. We will take a series of x-rays, take impressions of your bite, and take photos of your mouth. This information will be sent to a laboratory to produce a Six Month Smile kit custom made for your unique smile.

On the next appointment, our team will place the brackets and wires into your mouth. At this point, you’ll be well on your way to a new smile. Around once a month, you’ll then come into the office for a quick appointment, which generally lasts around 20 minutes, so we can adjust the braces as needed.

That’s it. Six Month Smiles is quick and easy way to have the smile you’ve always dreamed of having.

Make An Appointment

In six months, when you are planning your New Year’s Eve celebrations (and hopefully a celebration to watch the Crimson Tide or the Tigers in the college football playoffs), wouldn’t it be great to be doing so with a new smile?

Then contact the friendly and knowledge staff at Alabama Family Dental to make an dental appointment today. We are happy to sit-down with you and discuss all the options for you and your smile.