6 Things YOU Should Know About Six Month Smiles

No one can really predict the future. Where will you be in 10 years, 5 years, or even next year? It’s impossible to say with any degree of certainty.

But if you undergo orthodontic treatment with Six Month Smiles, it is easy to predict one aspect of the future. In just six month’s time, you’ll be proudly displaying a new smile!

At Alabama Family Dental, we’re proud to offer Six Month Smiles, a system of 6 month braces. But Six Month Smiles is quite a bit different from traditional adult braces. So read on to find out 6 things you should know about Six Month Smiles!

#1. Six Month Smiles Can Help You Love Your Smile

We’ve treated countless patients who hated some aspect of their smile before they underwent orthodontic treatment with 6 Month Smiles. They all suffered from various cosmetic defects which made them embarrassed to show-off their teeth. Maybe it was crooked teeth or an embarrassing gap between their teeth.

Does that sound like you? Then let us help! No matter your profession or walk of life, you’re not too old for Six Month Smiles! We’ve helped doctors, lawyers, and busy parents regain a love for their smile in just six months.

#2. Six Month Smiles Won’t Cause You Discomfort

If you’ve ever known anyone that’s undergone orthodontic treatment, you’ve probably heard that it can be uncomfortable. That’s true of traditional adult braces. But Six Month Smiles is different; although Six Month Smiles uses similar technology to traditional adult braces, it does so so in an untraditional – but completely effective manner.

Six Month Smiles focuses only on teeth visible in your “smile zone”, that is teeth which are visible when you smile. These teeth require less force to realign than your back chewing teeth. Six Month Smiles is not designed to realign your back teeth, so the result is a much more comfortable orthodontic treatment. Patients tell us that they forget they’re even wearing their braces!

#3. Six Month Smiles Won’t Waste Your Time

Traditional adult braces often take two years to be effective. That’s two years that you’re stuck dealing with orthodontist appointments and waiting for your new smile. That’s hardly an effective option for busy parents or working professionals! But Six Month Smiles won’t waste your time.

As you might be able to guess from the name, Six Month Smiles generally only takes a half of a year to realign your smile. That means you could be displaying a brand new smile by this time in September! That’s soon enough to show off your new smile at the beach!

#4. Six Month Smiles Won’t Give You a “Metal Mouth”

For many adults with orthodontic issues, the idea of living with metal braces is as bad as living with their orthodontic issues. Who wants to go into work with a mouthful of metal brackets and wires! Once again, Six Month Smiles is different. Six Month Smiles uses clear brackets and discrete tooth-colored wires. Your braces will barely even be noticeable in your smile!

#5. Six Month Smiles Will Raise Your Self-Esteem

What’s the first thing you notice when you meet someone new? For many people the answer is simple – the person’s teeth. Are you confident when you meet someone new? Or what about when the cameras come out? Do you show your teeth in your smile, or sheepishly hide them?

After completing treatment with Six Month Smiles, countless patients have told us about how their confidence has increased. They have the self-esteem they need when they meet new people, when they want to ask their boss for a raise, and for when they want to ask for a second date!

#6. Six Month Smiles is Affordable

Despite the numerous advantages of the Six Month Smiles system, you may be surprised to learn that it’s more affordable than most other options for adult braces (including aligner therapies like Invisalign) or cosmetic treatments like dental veneers. That means affording your new smile is easily in reach!

Best of all, we’re currently offering a $500 discount on Six Month Smiles! That’s even more money in your pocket! To find out more contact our office today. Schedule an appointment at Alabama Family Dental in Mobile, AL, by calling 251-241-0890.