A Great New Smile In Half A Year’s Time

Welcome to the Alabama Family Dental blog! Now that you’ve discovered us online, why not pay us a visit in-person?

We think you’ll feel right at home with us. Our Mobile, Alabama-based practice is designed to be warm, friendly and relaxing: nothing like a typical dental clinic. From the moment you step into our space, you’ll notice the difference.

More importantly, around here, we can provide comprehensive solutions to fit your ever-evolving dental needs. Our staff members are trained in CPR, knowledgeable in OSHA guidelines, and regularly attend continuing education courses and seminars to stay updated. These tools and trainings are channeled into the care we provide.

Keeping your mouth clean is top of mind. But we also do what we can to boost the appearance of your smile.

No matter how old you are, there’s only one thing you need to know about your dental potential: it is never too late to get a better-looking smile! At Alabama Family Dental, adult patients can now address crooked, crowded, gapped teeth, or otherwise annoying teeth without a major investment of time or resources.

Even if your problems may seem insurmountable, your desired results can usually be attained quickly and effectively through our short-term orthodontic treatments that are engineered specifically with grown-up patients in mind.

It goes without saying that you don’t want to feel like a teenager harnessed to clunky metal braces for 2-3 years while passersby stare at the gaudy construction zone in your mouth. We are thinking of something a little less time-consuming and problematic: Six Month Smiles!

Can Six Month Smiles Really Deliver?

What can really be done for an unruly set of teeth in just six months time? Lots! Keep in mind, it does depend on the depth of your issues, but with Six Month Smiles, your unattractive smile can be completely re-worked in 180 days or so.

That is amazing, when you consider that it is far more challenging to move adult teeth around than it is to redirect an adolescent’s teeth, which is why treatment often lasts 2 to 3 years for many adults who try braces.

Six Month Smiles is an awesome teeth-adjusting technique that is every bit as effective as classic metal braces and as discreet as Invisalign clear aligners.

We are sure that you will appreciate how this system relies on nearly invisible brackets and tooth-colored wires to gently and quickly move your teeth into a preferred position.

This modern solution only requires a fraction of the time that conventional braces would necessitate. And, importantly, no one will ever have to know what you are up to.

Let’s Do This!

You deserve a better smile and all the benefits it will bring. So, let’s start the clock.

Just so you know: we accept most insurance plans, and we will be happy to process your claim and provide alternative options if your insurance provider not listed.

Contact us today to learn more about short-term orthodontics and to schedule your Six Month Smiles Consultation!