A Smile Says So Much

Nothing projects confidence and joy like a smile! A smile lets the world know you are ready for it. You are happy and excited and just plain fun to be around. It’s amazing what a few healthy teeth shining bright can say about your personality.

So don’t let insecurity about how your teeth look keep you from smiling. At Alabama Family Dental we know what a smile can say. That is why our office in Mobile offers quality cosmetic dentistry for the whole family.

Tooth Damage

You’re watching a scary movie in the dark, absent mindedly munching on popcorn. Then, all of a sudden: CRACK! You’ve bitten into a kernel. You rush to a mirror only to find an unsightly chip in your front tooth.

Or maybe you drink coffee every morning to jump start your day, and then a glass of red wine at night to help wind down. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but the next time you smile for a picture you notice your teeth aren’t as bright as they used to be.

Cosmetic issues like these may not be an immediate threat to your oral health, but they could keep you from smiling, and that is a bad thing. Smiling is how we express joy and happiness. They welcome others and show that we are capable of friendly interaction.

People who smile less frequently, or not at all, have a harder time at work and in social situations. If you don’t smile because you are embarrassed by chipped or stained teeth, you could be giving off a false impression of yourself.

Alabama Family Dental can get your smile back into shape, so you can feel confident and at ease no matter where you are.

Cosmetic Dentistry

No matter what is keeping you from smiling, we have a solution! Our services are designed to meet the needs all types of people with all types of cosmetic dental issues.


If you have a collection of cracks, chips, gaps, and stains in your mouth, then veneers might be just the thing for you. Veneers are a thin shell, either resin or porcelain, that attaches directly to the front of your teeth. A little enamel will be removed first to make room for the veneers. We will carefully plan and color match your veneers so that they are natural looking.


Bonding is a simpler, more affordable alternative to veneers for less severe cosmetic issues. In this process, bonding material is placed on the problem area and shaped and polished until it matches the rest of your teeth. And unlike veneers, no enamel has to be removed.

Teeth Whitening

If your teeth have dimmed a few shades over the years, you may need some quick and easy teeth whitening. We offer several teeth whitening options, like our one time in-house bleaching that offers amazing results in just one visit. We also offer take-home whitening kits if that more closely suits your needs.

Let Us Help

Think about what your smile is saying about you. Is it what you want it to say? Could it be saying more? Don’t hide your smile. Let it out and let it shine.

Alabama Family Dental can help. Contact our office in Mobile for more information on cosmetic dentistry and make an appointment today!