A Straight Smile By Spring? It Is Possible

Let’s say you wanted to renovate the facade of a building.

You talk to different companies that do that kind of work, and after considering all your options, you settle on two that could do what you want. After talking to them, you learn that one can do the job in six months while the other could take two years or more to complete the work.

Which would you choose? We are guessing that many of you would want the work done sooner than later.

Well, you can do something similar for your smile at our dentist office. If you live in or near Mobile, AL, and you are interested in improving the alignment of your teeth, then you should schedule an appointment at Alabama Family Dental.

Six Month Smiles may be able to give you the smile you want to see in your reflection in less time than other orthodontic options.


Getting Straight

Millions of people go through orthodontic care every year, and a growing number of adults are choosing to get braces later in life.

There are several reasons for this. The primary motivation is to make their smiles look nicer by making their teeth straighter.

You may not have gone through orthodontics when you were younger for any number of reasons. Even if you do, it’s possible that your teeth have relapsed. This means they have started to shift back toward their original positions.

In either case, you may feel discouraged about getting traditional braces. If you are an adult with a career, you may worry that having braces will affect how you are perceived by your co-workers, customers, and clients.

At the same time, you may not feel comfortable wearing braces in social situations during your treatment.

The fact that the average treatment with braces can last two years or more may discourage you from starting the process at all.

You could get results in a fraction of the time, however.


Orthodontic Care For Working Adults

Six Month Smiles are braces, but they are different than traditional braces in some important ways.

First, Six Month Smiles use ceramic brackets. Many times traditional braces have metal braces. This may attract unwanted attention or cause you to feel self-conscious during your treatment.

Ceramic brackets are invisible, but they do closely match the color of natural teeth. This makes them more discreet than traditional braces.

Second, your treatment time will be considerably shorter with Six Month Smiles than with traditional braces.

It’s primarily a question of how long you want to have braces. Do you want to wear them for two years or more or would you rather be finished in six months or so?

The actual treatment time will vary depending on the severity of your misalignment. Regardless, you can cut have your new smile in a fraction of the time if you are a good candidate for Six Month Smiles.

And who are good candidates for this treatment? Lots of people are. If your teeth are crooked or crowded, or you have gaps between your teeth, then there is a good chance that Six Month Smiles can help you. This can also help with some overbite and underbites.

The best way to find out is to schedule a consultation at Alabama Family Dental.


How Six Months Smiles Works

The biggest difference between traditional braces and Six Months Smiles is the focus. Both use brackets and wires, but they use them in slightly different ways.

Traditional braces are trying to move all your teeth, while Six Month Smiles is meant to provide a cosmetic improvement to your smile.

In moving all your teeth, traditional braces are also moving your molars, which are the largest and heaviest teeth in the back of your mouth.

If you look in the mirror and smile, you probably won’t see your molars. With this in mind, Six Month Smiles just moves the teeth you can see. In other words, Six Month Smiles is only moving the smallest and lightest teeth in your mouth.

By putting the focus on moving fewer and lighter teeth, you could transform your smile in significantly less time than traditional braces.


Change Your Smile

Six Month Smiles is a great option for lots of people, and it’s one of the many cosmetic services we provide at Alabama Family Dental.

To find out if you could have a new smile by next Spring, call 251-241-0890 or fill out our online form to schedule your consultation with our dentist if you live in or near Mobile, AL.