Cosmetic Braces That Work Quickly

Do you have crowded or crooked teeth? Misaligned teeth can make you feel embarrassed to smile. They can leave you less confident in the workplace or the schoolyard.

In today’s blog from Alabama Family Dental in Mobile, AL, we are going to talk about Six Month Smiles. Six Month Smiles is a revolutionary system which can correct cosmetic issues with your smile, in an extremely short period of time.

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of having a better smile but now it seems like it’s just too late. But have you considered adult braces?

When we ask our patients that, we generally hear a host of follow-up questions. Braces are for teenagers right? Don’t braces take years to be effective? Do I have to have a mouth full of metal?

We are going to answer all these questions and more in today’s blog. But if you want the quick answers we can provide those to you now. Six Month Smiles is a great choice for adult braces, regardless of if your teenage years have long passed you by. Six Month Smiles are fast as well, providing great results in as little as a year. Six Month Smiles is made up of clear brackets and wires, sparing you the appearance of having a mouth full of metal.

The Six Month Smiles System

If you have a smile that makes you less than happy, then read on to learn more about Six Month Smiles. With Six Month Smiles, you’ll no longer have to cover your mouth with your hand when you smile. Gaps and crooked teeth no longer have to keep you down. Even if you don’t have years to commit to braces, Six Month Smiles may work for you.

Six Month Smiles is a new revolution in short-term braces. Six Month smiles uses the attractive appearance of clear braces, with the clinically-proven effectiveness of metal braces. Six Month Smiles is made up of nearly invisible brackets, and natural tooth colored wires. Most people won’t even notice you’re in braces! And the whole process only takes about six months to be effective.

The Difference Between Six Month Smiles and Traditional Braces

Traditional metal braces target all of the teeth in your mouth; first aligning your bite and then realigning teeth placement. This process takes about two years to be effective.

Six Month Smiles is different. Six Month Smiles is specially designed to only realign the teeth that are visible in your everyday smile. This means much faster results. Using steady by gentle forces, Six Month Smiles realigns the targeted teeth. The process is extremely comfortable, and really fast. Because of the gentle forces used, there’s almost no risk of damage to your teeth.

There are many other advantages to Six Month Smiles. You can brush and floss more easily than with traditional braces, lessening the chance of tooth decay and stains. In addition, Six Month Smiles is much more affordable than aligner therapy, traditional braces, or even cosmetic dental veneers.

After you complete six months in Six Month Smiles, you will receive a retainer. This helps to maintain your teeth in their ideal position. The retainer can be bonded into place, or removable, depending on your preference.

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Six Month Smiles may be the best way to effectively and quickly straighten your teeth. But it is not for everyone. Six Month Smiles is a cosmetic application, not designed to correct problems with your bite or the shape of your mouth.

If you’re ready to learn more about Six Month Smiles, then contact our office. At Alabama Family Dental in Mobile, AL, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have about Six Month Smiles, and guide you through the process.

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