Get A Great, Straight Smile In 2017 | Mobile, AL

We have some great news for you! At our Mobile, AL dentist’s office, adult patients can now fix crooked, crowded, gapped, or otherwise annoying teeth without a major investment of time or money.

Our plan is to set you up with the Six Month Smiles program! Keep reading for more details, and then be sure to follow up with the Alabama Family Dental team to schedule your adult orthodontic consultation with Dr. Whatley.

Why Bother?

Some folks think that they are too old to do anything about the unseemly condition of their teeth. But that is simply not the case. Others think that to do anything, it would require 2-3 long years of wearing old-fashioned metal braces. Again, that is not the only option out there. We can tell you that in this day in age, rightly or wrongly, appearance matters. You will be judged (and will subconsciously judge others) by the first things that are noticeable, including your smile. If nothing else, it is worth finding a way to set yourself up for success in your professional and social circles. Plus, you will love the confidence that comes with a great smile.

Can Six Month Smiles Get The Job Done?

While it is all well and good to give your system a catchy name, most potential candidates want to know, what can be actually done for an unattractive set of teeth in just six months time?

Our answer: Plenty! Truth be told, it does depend on the depth of your issues, but with Six Month Smiles, your undesirable smile can be completely reimagined in 180 days or so. If you start now, that would put you at mid-summer for enjoying the fruits of your labor, so to speak.

That is astounding, especially when you realize that it is far more difficult to move adult teeth around than it is to redirect an adolescent’s teeth, which is why treatment often lasts 2 to 3 years for many adults who try braces. Picture how much better those top-down drives or afternoons at the pool will be when you don’t have to cover your mouth all the time!

What we can tell you is that Six Month Smiles is an awesome teeth-adjusting technique that is every bit as effective as classic metal braces and as discreet as Invisalign clear aligners.

We are sure that you will appreciate how this system relies on nearly invisible brackets and tooth-colored wires to gently and quickly move your teeth into a preferred position.

This modern solution only requires a fraction of the time that conventional braces would necessitate. And, importantly, no one will ever have to know what you are up to. Doesn’t that all sound like a perfect solution? It will be up to you to take the next step. But we are ready when you are!

A Better Smile Awaits!

Contact us today to learn more about short-term orthodontics in Mobile, AL and to schedule your Six Month Smiles Consultation with Dr. Whatley!