Julie’s Journey: Dental Implants

Welcome back to another blog by Alabama Family Dental, located in Mobile, AL! Today, we would like to continue a story that we began a couple posts ago. You may remember Julie, a patient of ours who first came into our office looking for a tooth replacement solution. Today, we would like to tell you about how she made the transition from removable dentures to dental implants.

Recap From Last Time

When Julie came into our office for the first time, she had recently come into some money and was aiming to fix her teeth! We discussed her options and she settled on removable dentures — they were affordable and practical and would help her look great. Julie was very much set on the least expensive option … but she would soon find out that maybe another option was the better way to go.

Living With Removable Dentures

When Julie got her removable dentures and went home to learn how to use them, she became frustrated. She was not happy with the way they sometimes moved around in her mouth. They were difficult to get used to as far as eating went. In general, she just had a hard time adjusting. But she believed that if she just gave it some more time, she would get used to them.

Then, something embarrassing happened. Julie was out with her friends to lunch one day, when her dentures were giving her a hard time. They were moving around in her mouth and causing trouble with her meal. Then, she laughed. Her dentures came out of her mouth and landed in her plate! She was mortified. Her friends were very understanding and sympathetic, but she was incredibly embarrassed. She knew then that she had to come up with a better solution.

Reconsidering Dental Implants

So she called up her friends at Alabama Family Dentistry again. She had been working with us since she got her dentures, but enough was enough. She told us all about the incident and about how tired she was of not being able to relax about her smile! We suggested dental implants again. This time, having better understood the inconveniences that came with removable prosthetics, she decided to reconsider.

Dental implants could help Julie secure her new teeth. She would never again have to worry about them falling out of her mouth during lunch! The surgery would be pretty straight forward and then she could go home to heal. After that, it would be smooth sailing!

Julie agreed that the level of security that dental implants provided would be worth the investment. We set up her placement appointment and moved forward with helping her achieve great stability and security in her smile.

Enjoying Her New Smile

After surgery, Julie healed quickly. She was able to get back to her normal life in just a few short months. And her “normal” was even better than before! She could now eat without her teeth moving around and laugh without worry. She could enjoy meals again! Julie’s quality of life was simply improved by her new implants. She could feel confident in her smile again.

Make An Appointment

As you may have realized by now, Julie is not an actual person. However, we deal with cases much like hers all of the time. This is just one example of what we can do to help you find the tooth replacement option that is right for you! If you are like Julie and are looking for a secure, beautiful replacement option for your smile, please contact our Mobile, AL dental office. We would be happy to examine your current situation and recommend the best tooth replacement solution for you.

To reach our team, please give us a call at 251-241-0890 or use our online form to request an appointment. We look forward to helping you find a consultation time that works for you.