Julie’s Journey: Removable Dentures

Welcome back to another blog by Alabama Family Dentistry! Today, we have a story to tell you! Our team offers high-quality tooth replacement options … even for those who need a full set of replacement teeth! Today’s story is about a patient who was able to regain her smile with one of our replacement options.

If at any point you have a question or concern, please feel free to contact our Mobile, AL dental team. We would be happy to help you get all of the information you need to make a great decision for you smile. If you are like Julie and seeking to regain what you have lost, we are here to help! So, without further ado, let’s introduce you to Julie:

Meet Julie

Julie visited our office for the first time about two years ago. Before that, she had not seen a dentist is many, many years. Julie was a recent retiree who, until her first visit to our office, thought she could not afford dental care. She had only recently come into some money and decided that now was the time to finally get the dental care she needed.

Julie’s Bad Situation

However, when Julie arrived at our office, the situation was worse than she had realized. She knew that she had some significant decay due to her lack of care throughout the years, but she did not know just how extensive it was. While we do our best to preserve the natural teeth of our patients, Julie’s situation was too far advanced to save. After a series of X-rays and examinations, we determined that she needed to have multiple teeth extracted and replaced.

Considering Her Options

Julie was nervous about the extraction (she, after all, was not familiar or comfortable with dental care in general), but we helped her feel at ease. We would make sure she was completely comfortable during the treatment. She then needed to consider her tooth replacement options. Because she was having multiple teeth extracted, there was going to be a large gap in her smile on the left side of her mouth. She had two options: a removable partial denture or a dental implant-secure prosthetic.

We talked to Julie about these options. Dental implants would require surgery and a significant healing period, while she could wear her denture right away. However, dental implants offered more chewing power and a better aesthetic. Julie chose a partial denture. Cost was a big consideration for her (she had learned to be very thrifty throughout the years) and she was not prepared to invest in implants.

Undergoing Treatment

So we set the date and time of the procedure. We first helped her get comfortable and extracted the necessary then. Then, we placed her denture. She was able to go home that day with a beautiful new denture so that she never had to deal with the gap in her smile.

Adjusting To Removable Dentures

Healing from a major extraction procedure and takes some time, but Julie was up for the challenge. What she wasn’t happy with was her chewing power. While her denture typically stayed in place, she just did not feel like she could eat whatever she wanted. While this fact bothered Julie a bit, she still wasn’t prepared to invest in a more secure solution.

Stay Tuned For Part Two

Until a disaster occurred. Right then and there, Julie made up her mind: she would have the best tooth replacement option available in order to avoid further embarrassments like that one. Stay tuned for part two of this story to learn about how Julie fixed her problem!

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