Your Summer Smile Makeover Awaits!

Summertime in Mobile, Alabama can be a whole lot of fun. But you might not feel much like partaking in the good times the season holds if your teeth and gums are in a state of disrepair. Don’t worry, if you can relate, we can help! At Alabama Family Dental, we can quickly boost the your appearance of your smile with one of our cosmetic dentistry solutions. Keep reading to hear more about the possibilities, and then be sure to get in touch with Dr. Whatley to schedule your consultation ASAP!

Professional Teeth Whitening

No one wants to show up at a wedding or graduation with stained or yellowed teeth. That’s why we offer several great teeth whitening options that are proven to be safe and effective. Our in-house bleaching is a one-time procedure that can brighten your teeth up to six shades in just one session. This method can remove even the most stubborn stains. If you’d rather whiten your teeth at home, we also offer take-home whitening trays.

Dental Veneers

If you don’t even know where to begin to address your dental damage, veneers are a great solution to start with. Our dental veneers consist of thin layers of resin or porcelain that are bonded to the front of your teeth. They effectively hide chips, cracks and stains. They can also be used to close gaps, improve a tooth’s shape or size, and make your teeth look more uniform in general. Veneers are sometimes referred to as “instant orthodontics” for that reason. Just so you know: veneer application does require some enamel reduction to make room for the veneer. That said, the procedure is fast, and minimally invasive.

Cosmetic Bonding

We love veneers around here but when veneers are not a viable option, cosmetic bonding is a good way to go. This cost-effective solution is perfect for fixing minor imperfections like gapped, chipped, and stained teeth. Here’s how it works: bonding material is layered on the surface of the tooth, shaped, polished, and adjusted. After only a few minutes, your teeth will look like new.


Tooth loss as an adult won’t be pretty. But modern dentures can restore the look and function of your mouth. Cosmetic dentures can be partial or complete. Partial cosmetic dentures are used if you still have some teeth remaining, while complete cosmetic dentures are used if all of your teeth are missing. If you are in need of some restorative work, Dr. Whatley is just the guy to see.

Alternative Orthodontic Programs

We can help you work through difficult orthodontic issues. If you have a crooked or crowded smile, you will love Six Month Smiles–our amazing short-term braces system. This method combines the superior aesthetics of clear braces with the proven effectiveness of metal braces. Instead of a full metal appliance, Six Month Smile feature nearly invisible Lucid-Lok® brackets and tooth-colored wires. And, as the name implies, the transformation happens fast. The sooner you start, the sooner you can enjoy the results!

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