Top 3 Benefits of Dental Implants

Do you cringe inside when someone asks you smile for a photograph? Maybe you’re at a family member’s wedding, and know it’s important to smile, but you feel embarrassed because of a missing tooth?

A gap in a smile caused by a missing tooth can cause tremendous self-esteem
and confidence issues.

Are you confident enough to give a speech in a public setting or answer questions at your child’s PTO meeting? Or do you cover your teeth when you speak?

At Alabama Family Dental, we know that a smiling person is a confident person. With dental implants we can close that gap in your smile and boost your confidence.

A Dental Implant is a tiny titanium rod that is inserted into your jawbone. This rod than serves as an anchor for an artificial tooth or dental crown. With incredible precision and skill, missing teeth can be replaced, and your smile can be restored.

In today’s blog post, we’re going to look at three great reasons for you to consider a Dental Implant from Alabama Family Dental. Whether you need one tooth replaced, or several, or even all of them, you can look forward to these benefits.

Eat The Foods You Love Again

Missing teeth can quite simply make it difficult to enjoy the food you enjoy. Chewy candies can become stuck in the empty gaps. Crusty foods like bagels and pretzels can cut up your exposed gums. Similarly, sour or spicy foods can irritate your raw tissue.

It’s not much fun. Even chewing on something like a carrot requires careful chewing because one wrong bite could have disastrous results for your remaining teeth. Overcompensation by your remaining teeth can lead them to chip and crack.

But with Dental Implants, you can go back to enjoying a full-menu. Dental Implants allow placement of an artificial tooth that not only looks incredibly life-like, it also functions just as well as natural tooth.

If you miss eating corn on the cob, or sipping on hot and sour soup, then a Dental Implant from Alabama Family Dental could be just what you’re looking for. Call us today so you can tailgate in the fall without fear of missing out of any of the food you’re cooking.

Keep Your Mouth Healthy

Missing teeth force your remaining teeth to work unpaid overtime. This extra work can both deteriorate your remaining teeth and add extra stress to your jawbone. Dental Implants alleviate this stress on your other teeth.

But are dental implants really better for you than the alternatives, like traditional bridge work?

Conventional bridge work can help fill gaps in your smile. But it often requires adjacent teeth to be cut-down slightly in order to be effective. Dental Implants don’t generally require the reduction of adjacent teeth. In fact, numerous studies have shown that dental implants actually improve the health of adjacent teeth by leaving them less exposed to bacteria.

At Alabama Family Dental, we take your oral health to heart. Let us explain all your treatment options, so you can rest easy with a beautiful, healthy smile.

Improve Your Appearance

This much is probably obvious. With a full set of teeth, you can smile broadly at the world. Patients have often commented that they receive numerous compliments on their appearance after a dental implant. A fully formed smile can help you look more educated, more authoritative, and younger.

But that’s not the only dental cosmetic benefit of dental implants.

A missing tooth or teeth can cause your face to contort slightly. This is especially true while you are chewing, as your mouth compensates for the missing tooth. This can cause both wrinkle lines and general wrinkles. Dental Implants restore your mouth to as close to its God-given form as possible, reducing stress on your face and preventing wrinkles from developing.

Dental implants also last much, much longer than other forms of tooth restoration. That means you’ll spend less time in the office, and have more time to work on your tan!

Make An Appointment

Are you ready to rock a new smile? And enjoy all confidence that comes with it?

Maybe you just want to enjoy some candy without it getting stuck all up in your gums.

Whatever your reason, the top-notch staff at Alabama Family Dental can help you use dental implants to perfect your smile. So if you’re ready to eat the foods you love again, keep your mouth healthy, and improve your appearance then get in touch with us to schedule an appointment. Click here to schedule an appointment, or give us a ring with any questions you may have about Dental Implants.